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About Vintage Tiles

With our decade of rich experience, Vintage tiles produce Athangudi and Moroccan tiles in traditional methods till today. All our tiles are 100% handmade. Our Tiles are still pure, natural products despite all technical advancements, making them a perfect example of a sustainable concept. Our products are produced with the greatest possible respect for the environment in order to serve both mankind and the world we live in. We use imported European pigments for longer colour life and durability.


Unlike other machine made tiles, AthangudiTiles , Moroccan tiles & Terrazzo tiles gives the user a wide range of options to customize the tile as per their taste and aesthetics. Starting from the design, pattern and colours there are innumerable options one can choose from, or to be more appropriate, one can imagine. Standard patterns available are geometric, floral and abstract with customizable colours which can be sober or bright to suit the specific location.

The appeal of the tiles is immense if the area of its laying is big for eg., large living rooms, congregation halls, verandah of big mansions, palace rooms, reception flooring for hotels, foyers, airport lounges, themed villas and resorts, etc. The Tiles are mainly used as floor tiles though off late it is used on indoor as well as outdoor walls as an abstract add on to the plain back ground. Our handmade Tiles can be very vibrant and appealing with intricate patterns and dashing colours.

Our tiles are supplied to projects including Individual houses, large apartments, villas, educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, Pubs, commercial complexes and individual houses.